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The 5 Best Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Kids (Without Going Crazy)

The 5 Best Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Kids (Without Going Crazy)

Rhodes and I both enjoy film and TV. Especially during the winter season, we often find ourselves exploring new shows, characters, and stories. Without a doubt there are some TERRIBLE kids programs out there (see "Caillou"). There are, however, some really decent ones that I can watch alongside him and not go completely insane. Rhodes is five years-old, and so the following are my top five picks of Netflix Originals for that age group. 

1. The Magic School Bus Rides Again


The return of The Magic School Bus is everything you'd hoped it would be, especially with Kate McKinnon behind the wheel. It's educational, diverse, and there is so much to love about this show. The original will, of course, always be dear to my heart but this is a great program for the next generation. I also love that it's getting him excited about school and learning (although he may be disappointed that there is no Ms. Frizzle or magic school bus). 

2. Justin Time Go


Originally a Canadian show called "Justin Time" - Netflix ordered the spinoff "Justin Time Go." Justin goes on adventures all over the world with his make-believe friend Olive (who is really the best part of the show) and Squidgy. 

3. Ask the Storybots


This show is surprisingly funny. The basic premise is these "Storybots" take questions from kids and go on adventures to fins answers. One episode is 'Where Does Rain Come From?" I like that the questions are basic, and in most cases, nature-based. There are a couple versions of this show including a holiday editions.

4. Beat Bugs


My kid literally knows the lyrics to twenty Beatles songs thanks to this show. Every episode includes two to three covers of songs by the Fab Four and it's a lot of fun. He's even started to get into the original versions. 

5. Super Monsters


Ok so this was Rhodes' addition to the list. He LOVES Halloween and anything that is somewhat spooky. Honestly though, he's not wrong and we both enjoy this show. 

So there's my top five Netflix Originals. We enjoy other stuff on the platform as well but for these purposes I thought I'd narrow it down. 

What about you? What are you and your kiddos enjoying? 

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