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Less stress. More Joy. Deeper connection. 

Become the dad your child needs. 

1:1 Coaching

Our coaching is specific, tailored and crafted for each person. Today’s “Best of” lists and “Five steps to ___”, while efficient, can short-change us from appreciating the kind of pragmatism that arises from depth and nuance. We believe that true and lasting change can happen when we begin to work with someone within the movements of our daily lives. Our coaching provides help in the short-term and tools for the long-term.

Our goal is that you are met in a way that supports bringing your fullness forward.

Father and Daughter

Circle Groups

Our groups help combat the growing isolation that so many fathers feel in today's society. Purposeful and accessible, these groups are designed in a way that helps dads develop a community of support and provide long-term impact so that you experience richer, longer-lasting growth.


Professional Therapy

Therapy sessions are designed to help clients become more psychologically and emotionally flexible. Life can be uncooperative with our needs and wants creating pain and hardship.  Whether you experience depression, anxiety, relationship wounds or other forms of distress, learning how to use emotions and thoughts so that our actions lean us towards meaningfulness and vitality is the way through. 

Note: Professional therapy is facilitated by Reid Walton (Ryan's brother)

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