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Meet Ryan

Hey there! My name is Ryan. About 10 yea

Ryan Walton

Integral Coach

However it happened, I'm glad you found me! My name is Ryan and I'm an integral coach based in Northern California. I work with men to help reshape narratives that keep us from thriving. I've spent the lat 15 years in both corporate and non-profit environments helping build communities and seeing individuals and groups achieve their goals. 


I started talking about masculinity when I began waking up to the ways my masculine energy was showing up in the world and seeing the destruction in its wake. Some of that was triggered by the arrival of my son, while other parts came in the aftermath of decisions that left me in some dark places. In deconstructing cultural narratives (both historical and current) around manhood (in particular white manhood), I saw the inextricable connection to many of the most dire issues facing human beings. My masculinity was tied to my racism, my homophobia, my sexism and much more. Facing these things isn’t easy, but in working through it I’ve started to rediscover a renewed and more vibrant strength, resilience and relational capacity. I can’t help but think others could use this sort of space to begin the work. Is that you? If so, let's connect. 

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