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Daring to Dad

Coaching for Men and Fathers

Connecting to our whole selves.

When we are connected to our whole selves, we not only live more vibrantly, we see the wholeness in others. For men, establishing a deeper connection to our emotions, bodies and relational capacities is the difference truly living and simply operating. I'm here to help. 

About Me

Greetings! My name is Ryan. I'm a men's coach based in Northern California. A father of two and husband of nearly fifteen years, my desire is to see men thrive; to break through the barriers that are preventing us from engaging the world with our whole selves. 

Misty Slopes

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One on One Coaching

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Get connecting to a tribe of men that will help you make better contact with yourself and the world around you. Laugh, cry, breathe, and be known. 

One on One Coaching

Get one on one coaching and begin the journey towards a more generative and joyful way of being. 

Social Media Consulting

Build a digital community that makes an impact. 

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