Exvangelical: Part 2 - Entering the Void

Questioning the way of interacting with the world that I had known for so long left massive voids in my life. This was an identity and a culture I belonged to; a profession I planned my whole life around. I looked for new things to fill those voids; grasping on to anything that I thought would tell me who I was, and affirm that I was ok.

The 5 Best Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Kids (Without Going Crazy)

Rhodes and I both enjoy film and TV. Especially during the winter season, we often find ourselves exploring new shows, characters, and stories. Without a doubt there are some TERRIBLE kids programs out there (see "Caillou"). There are, however, some really decent ones that I can watch alongside him and not go completely insane. Rhodes is five years-old, and so the following are my top five picks of Netflix Originals for that age group. 

Guest Post: Oh, I get it now.

Contrary to popular belief, your life doesn’t have to magically change the moment you have a kid. If it doesn’t happen for you, don’t sweat it. There was no magic the first time I looked in Nate’s eyes. Just terror. We had this person now, a person who relied on us for survival. Pretty soon, these nurses were going to be dumb enough to let us leave the hospital with this person. The first month was a blur. No sleep, lots of tears. There was no magic. My magic moment came a few years later.

Exvangelical: Part 1 - My 10 Year Journey Out of Evangelicalism

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at CreativeMornings in Sacramento and during the Q & A, someone asked me what a “recovering evangelical” is—it’s a line in my bio, which had been read by the host when she introduced me. I’m embarrassed to say that I totally fumbled my answer. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. So...here is the beginning of my story. My truth. The only one I can tell.

Guest Post: A Saturday Morning

My eyes slowly open like a quick fade-in at the beginning of a film. They focus on the window to the right. It’s still dark outside, but a slight tint of blue is in the sky as the sun slowly begins its ascent in the East. It’s quiet, which means I have once again awoken before my phone’s alarm has gone off. 

Christmas At Home: Image Gallery

We do the thing where we switch off between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. This rotation has worked for us and helped expectations with our families. Want to know where we'll be spending Christmas in 2023? We can tell you. Problem solved (mostly). 

Star Wars and Some Self-Reflection (Spoiler Free)

I'm the 36 year old man sitting in the theater who starts tearing up when the Lucasfilm logo and "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" appear on the screen. I'm not kidding, the other night as these screens faded into view, I turned to Samantha with tears running down my cheek and uttered:"I'm so invested in this story."

Chaos, Order, and the Creativity that is Ours

If there is one thing that I know about creativity, is that it is about turning chaos into order. It's putting poetry to the pain of addiction, pursuing solitude to quiet an inner rage, or helping a client organize fragmented ideas and forming a plan. There's even a very old story that talks about the beginning of the world, and the dark and formless void that was brought to order by divine presence. Fatherhood is full of chaotic moments and we have the daly choice to engage and create. 

Guest Post: Learning for the Future

As the week wore on and my spirits continued to dwindle, I kept trying to figure out what I could do to fix the situation because it seemed as though this attitude is only directed towards me. Maybe it’s because I have to constantly punish her for her behavior after not seeing her all day? Maybe it’s another reason? Should I not smother her with hugs and kisses as soon as I walk through the door? Is it just a phase, or does she really not want anything to do with me right now?

Let's Talk About Meniere's Disease (Pt. 2)

Changing my diet has made all the difference in the world when it comes to managing Meniere’s Disease. A low sodium, dairy free diet is central and we have adopted all sorts of alternatives to sugar, caffeine, and remain gluten free (for the most part). I’m nowhere perfect when it comes to sticking to it a hundred percent of the time, but I’m so grateful for the work that Ann Boroch accomplished and Janna was able to experience and share with me.

Let's Talk About Thanksgiving

I spent most of my life pretty unaware of how some the major narratives around Thanksgiving can be harmful to people, particularly Native Americans. This wasn't intentional on anyone's part, it was simply a lack of both information and not knowing anyone with a different point of view. To be honest, we didn't put much thought into the matter. Thanksgiving was more about taking the time to be with family, taking inventory of the many blessings we had, and getting a few days off of school.

Parent Shaming

I've noticed a growing trend: parent shaming.You've seen it, right?  I remember a few months ago a picture came out of David Beckham's four year old daughter using a pacifier and people lost their minds. Or Ryan Reynolds (seriously who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds) when a picture came out of him with his baby in a baby carrier and he was widely criticized for the way he was holding her.