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Daring to Dad coaching is specific, tailored and crafted for each person. Today’s “Best of” lists and “Five steps to ___”, while efficient, can short-change us from appreciating the kind of pragmatism that arises from depth and nuance. I believe that true and lasting change can happen when we begin to work with someone within the movements of our daily lives. Coaching provides help in the short-term and tools for the long-term. My goal is that you are met in a way that supports bringing your fullness forward. Together can work on: 

Navigating Fatherhood Challenges: Seeking guidance on handling the unique challenges of fatherhood, from managing work-life balance to understanding developmental stages.

Building Strong Relationships: Learning strategies to strengthen relationships with their children, regardless of age, and fostering a nurturing, supportive home environment.

Effective Communication: Developing better communication skills to connect with children and co-parents more effectively, minimizing misunderstandings and conflicts.

Emotional Management: Gaining tools to manage their own emotions and stress, helping them to remain calm and effective in parenting, even in tough situations.

Co-Parenting Skills: For divorced or separated dads, finding ways to co-parent effectively, ensuring the child's best interests are at heart while maintaining a respectful relationship with their ex-partner.

Personal Development: Identifying personal goals and challenges not directly related to parenting, such as career aspirations or personal interests, and integrating these with their role as a dad.

Confidence Building: Boosting their confidence in their parenting abilities, especially for new or expectant fathers who might feel uncertain or overwhelmed.


Looking for some support and guidance as a dad? Schedule a single coaching session with Ryan and let's connect, share challenges, and work on solutions together. This one-hour session is the first step in helping you feel a sense of clarity and confidence in your parenting journey. These sessions are $100. 


Ongoing coaching provides the greatest catalyst for change and impact.  With options for ongoing coaching spanning 3, 6, or 9 months, these sessions provide an incredible opportunity for participants. Customized, oriented plans and bi-weekly sessions, along with full access to a private messenger app, ensure a transformative experience for you and your family. 

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