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Image by Jonathan Velasquez

d2d Podcast

Daring to Dad holds conversations at the intersections of fatherhood, faith and masculinity. Join us as we engage in candid conversations with fathers from all walks of life, sharing stories, challenges, and insights that inspire and resonate. Whether you’re a new dad navigating parenting, someone curious about the intersection of masculinity and spirituality, or just looking to connect with relatable experiences, ”Daring to Dad” offers a space to learn, reflect, and grow together. Tune in and be part of a community daring to rethink what it means to be a dad.

Episode 1: Dallas Hartwig

In this conversation, Ryan interviews NYT Best-Selling Author and men's coach, Dallas Hartwig, about the importance of conversations around masculinity and men's mental and emotional health. Dallas shares his personal experiences and the societal challenges that men face in today's world. They discuss the concept of masculine initiation and the need for men to go through a transformative process to transition from self-interest to contribution. Dallas also talks about the importance of modeling healthy relationships and emotions for his own son and the work he does in men's coaching.

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