Men's Group (coming in 2021)

Get connecting to a tribe of men that will help you make better contact with yourself and the world around you. Laugh, cry, breathe, and be known. 

One on One Coaching

Currently acfpeting clients for January 2021

Get one on one coaching and begin the journey towards a more generative and joyful way of being. 

What is coaching? 

Coaching work is designed not to just help achieve goals, but to develop competencies. For example, you may come to coaching because of a challenge in one area of life (e.g., work). I look for what might be underlying that particular challenge and where else it is showing up in your life. I work with you not only to understand the deeper issue, but to develop greater skill to meet challenges in all domains of your life. Ultimately, a coaching relationship that began about work may result in improvements in relationships, health, and other areas. My work with you will include programs that provide a number of dynamic, powerful features:

  • A focus on your personal development, leaving you more free, courageous and joyful

  • Customized practices, and self-observation exercises

  • A depth and breadth of self-assessment models including the Enneagram

  • Drawing from many traditions—biology, cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and more—which provides you with many avenues of insight and practice

  • Presence and mindfulness, which builds resilience and emotional regulation

  • Assessing what will be useful for you now, in this very moment, with no attachment to expectations

Social Media Consultation

For over 10 years I've worked with individuals, non-profits and large corporations in building digital communities. 

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